Vegas: Slots-O-Rama

Whirling wheels and flashing lights in search of five magic balls of treasure. Improving odds of winning by playing four games at a time on the same slot.

It’s candy-light time with strobes tickling the eyes and minds of players . . . and oh so much fun . . . do it again!

A cute reminder that reads “Play MAX” and just in case players missed the sign, there is a “BET MAX” button next to the “SPIN” button. The house is looking out for you! Really!!

Players display various stages of emotions as wallets become thinner. Emotions vary between being anxious, irrational, exhilaration and finally fixation . . . as in the end, they attempt to recover money donated to the casino’s treasury. Look up and down the boulevard and imagine all this was created while players were winners . . . not likely.

Geraldo Rivera had it right in an interview aired on national television circa 2005. Major Vegas casino managers stated players do not mind losing, as long as they were winning while losing . . . what? Yes, players expect to loose and leave broke. Really?

The donation goes up on the way down . . . maybe it will unexpectedly jump up to the $1,000,000 treasure . . . ha, ha, even this writer has tried that! Server . . . another drink please . . . make it a double! Hello MAX button.

Play MAX and the lights and whirls become more entertaining . . . surrendering to the sensation and stimulating effect. Heck, how broke can you get in three days?

Honey . . . do we have any more of those free drink and food coupons?

Well, it makes for good stories with the folks back home!

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