Vegas: Boot Camp

Vegas Boot Camp refers to the experience of revitalization of the body, mind and spirit.

How it works:

On the first day visitors spend hours and hours exercising by walking miles and miles through casinos, swimming, lazing in the sun, pressing buttons on the slots, and getting a thrill riding attractions like the X-Scream.

They buy 24 hour buffet tickets and load up on healthy offerings of everything, especially meats and sweets, giving grace they did not have to prepare them.

Then, relaxing while watching the crowd move along the boulevard, they doze off in the shade (or pass out) allowing the body to recover.

Upon rising, they head to their temporary abode to ready for an evening of shows, dancing and partying with their friends, or someone else’s friends.

As the sun rises they are reinvigorated and carry on into mid-morning and begin it all-over again.

On the second day, they are seasoned veterans (now drill instructors), ready to show the new arrivals how it is done. At the end of the day, the new arrivals carry their passed out DI’s back to their abode, continuing on as new leaders of the pack.

On the third day, after completion of boot camp, the first group is ready to return to their former realm of joy with new enthusiasm for life. They are in a deep sleep on the plane, dreaming of lazing around their workplace and telling tall tales of how they conquered Vegas.

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